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442201003 PD-10 starteris Jubana
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Engine block instead of PD-10

Modified gear block used instead of PD-10 engine starter. By installing it on your tractor (applications written below) you will feel ease and comfort, as well you will get rid of inconvenient and lengthy engine starting. The gear block is mounted in place of a large, comfortless and often perishable two-cycles petrol engine PD-10. Installation is extremely easy. There is no need to change, flywheel and rear engine plate remains the same. Gear reduction starter is mounted with same 4 screws from the engine. Depending on the need you can use from wide selection of different power starters.


MTZ T-150
SMD engines: СМД-18, СМД-22, A-41, СМД-60, A-01

Jubana Code Weight
442201003 9,0kg

Jubana had visitors from Lithuanian National Radio and Television to be a part of the new documentary movie about Mažeikiai city and its culture, sport activities and business. Jubana is one among other city’s companies to represent business side. In the film you will be able to see Jubana starter’s assembly line and interview with CEO Julius Banys. Movies was released 2017-04-17. Part about Jubana starts at 9:05 Movie is only in Lithuanian language.

Behind the scenes:

JUBANA in movie about Mazeikiai City