Prime Minister butkevicius-jubana

Prime Minister A. Butkevicius visited JUBANA

On 14th April 2014 the Prime Minister A. Butkevicius visited JUBANA

According to the Prime Minister A. Butkevicius the visit to JUBANA was not accidental. It is one of few companies in Lithuania, working with Lithuanian capital, rapidly developing, and creating new jobs. It has developed a global reputation for its brands, and for Lithuania itself, over the past twenty years. Julius Banys, the founder and owner of the company, presented the company’s products, business activities and plans to the Prime Minister and his team. The new production line was then visited. It will meet current requirements for technology, engineering, quality control and safety, and ensure a high product quality and long-term reliability.

After that the guests were invited to the offices. Over a cup of coffee, ideas were exchanged for new plans, and emerging problems, and how to deal with them.

The Prime Minister highlighted the excellent working conditions and the well-informed employees who communicate in eight languages. He wished them success in achieving their objectives.

Prime Minister butkevicius-jubana